Lew Garnett: Writer, Storyteller, Emcee

Lewis Garnett is an avid observer of life, weaving stories rich and diverse as the forests of his native Southwest Virginia. From pulling his first tooth to earning a black belt at 57, Lew’s folksy, eclectic mix of true stories highlight the defining moments hiding in everyday life.

Warm and engaging, Lew wraps audiences in soft blankets or barbed wire for guided tours—poignant or hilarious—of the cultures, personalities and events that shape us.

Stories about the human experience unite people like no other medium. Lew’s stories add value:

  • To warm up a business meeting.
  • To coalesce and focus a diverse audience.
  • As featured speaker for civic and community groups.
  • To entertain at fairs and celebrations.
  • To entertain private gatherings, reunions and parties.
  • To tell stories because they need to be told and people want to hear them.

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