“Brushmarks” on NPR

Air Date: Sept. 6 and 10, 2009 on NPR affiliate WFDD during breaks in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

With soulful near-reverence, Lew recounts his childhood experience with an old house painter, whose subtle, yet profound influences persist to this day.

Blaine sat there all thin-legged and bony, his white coveralls sagging like one of Dad’s shirts on me. Time dissolved.

Eyeing a nearby corner, he pulled a tab-stringed pouch from a breast pocket and casually rolled himself a cigarette. Then he dipped a wide, sharp-bristled brush into the grass-green liquid and stuck the brush into the corner, squiggling it up and down as he drew color out onto the wall. Then he flipped the brush over and squiggled it again. Finally he smoothed the paint with a single, unsquiggled stroke, leaving only faint, tiny brushmarks atop his work.

The full-length (unedited) version is available in MP3 download or with nine additional stories on Lew’s album Defining Moments. To purchase, see Mercantile.

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