Steve Mitchell, Writer and Poet

Steve Mitchell is simply lights-out, soul-driven, brilliant.
A writer’s writer.
Like reading silk draped around a sledge.
Not for the illiterate or faint of heart.

His new book of short stories: The Naming of Ghosts.

Tony Lindsay, Writer and Storyteller

Tony Lindsay is one of the funniest writer-storytellers I know. My family still calls him "Bluford," after the buffoon he played the first time we saw him. more.

Kim Weitkamp

Captivating. more.

Pilot Mtn. (NC) Women’s Club

Despite their size, the Pilot Mountain Women's Club sports an impressive laundry list of community services. Here are only three for 2010: more.

Jerry Vandiver: Songwriter, Author, Educator

Two of Jerry Vandiver's songs hang on the wall of the Country Music Hall of Fame. His creations appear on more than 15 million records by such artists as Tim McGraw (including chart-toppers “For a Little While” and “It Doesn’t Get Any Countrier Than This”), Gene Watson, Wild Rose, Phil Vassar, Lee Greenwood and Barbara Mandrell. more.

Gracie Hollombe Vandiver: Songwriter, Author

Gracie Hollombe Vandiver: songwriter, performer, producer and author. In 2006, Gracie founded, providing the power of music to support recovery from chemical dependency. more.

Tim Buppert: Studio Musician, Songwriter

Tim Buppert has one of those Nashville voices that screams Country, but with such a natural smoothness that his -- or anyone's -- lyrics are simply cuddled into life. more.

Mandy Newham, Illustrator

Mandy Newham produces delightfully playful illustrations for publications nationwide. She holds an MFA from University of North Carolina more.

Smoky Mountain News

Headquartered in Waynesville NC, Smoky Mountain News distributes 16,000 copies each Wednesday to more than 600 locations in Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties, downtown Asheville and the Cherokee reservation. more.

Smoky Mountain Living

Smoky Mountain Living, a sister publication to Smoky Mountain News, covers the southern Appalachians and celebrates the area’s environmental riches, its people, culture, music, arts, history and special places. more.