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Double Date, Double Trouble

A lovers' moon hung low and stars shimmered between the Appalachian crests. But for us, the ambience was wasted. more.

“Toward the Twilight With Heels Dug In”

When Editor Sarah Kucharski asked me for 1200 words about a journey, I couldn't think of one more poignant than my mother's: Toward the Twilight With Heels Dug In. more.

The Worst Date of My Life

"Years ago, in a Buick Electra, Lewis Garnett discovered he still had some growing up to do." If ever there was an understatement... more.

“Heritage Song” Double-tap on NPR

Air dates: May 23 and 27, 2011 on NPR affiliate WFDD during breaks in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Karma got me twice on this one. Not that I didn’t deserve it, you understand. more.

“First Car” on NPR

Lew transforms two tons of scrap metal, one homicidal pony and a trunkload of genuine junkyard parts into a nostalgic gemstone.

The full-length (unedited) version is available in MP3 download or with nine additional stories on Lew’s album Defining Moments. more.

“Monopoly” in Smoky Mountain Living Magazine

Lew’s popular story “Monopoly” is featured in the April edition of Smoky Mountain Living magazine, with custom illustration by Philadelphia artist Mandy Newham.

To read the story, click the following image:

JPG of Monopoly in SML Sept 2013.

JPG of Monopoly in SML Sept 2013.

“Heritage Song” on NPR

A singer tortures Lew's musical ear until he realizes the essential beauty of her Appalachian folksong.

What was it about that woman that made a tenfull of paying customers quietly endure the unendurable and then applaud for it? more.

“Mr. B’s Olympic Games” on NPR

During a bout of sinusitis, Lew discovers how a little friendly competition changes a gentle "wiener dog" friend into a fierce competitor.

In normal times Mr. B slept on his pillow by the warm air vent. But when I moved to the sofa, he combined his penchant for snuggly places with several father-and-son Olympic events he invented. more.

“Monopoly” on NPR

Lew recounts his hilarious adventures with two other 12-year-olds inside their "opium den of Parker Brothers board play," carrying unexpected life lessons into adulthood.

And these things we did in such a frenzy of movement and laughter that visitors to our homes thought we'd just escaped from a locked ward. more.

“Brushmarks” on NPR

With soulful near-reverence, Lew recounts his childhood experience with an old house painter, whose subtle, yet profound influences persist to this day.

Blaine sat there all thin-legged and bony, his white coveralls sagging like one of Dad's shirts on me. Time dissolved. more.