Lewis Live

Talent Show

Winter Talent Show and Contest on Jan. 20, 2019, at Lincoln Theater, Marion, Va. Lots of great local artists, plus yours truly. Heard good stuff and made creative friends.

Armistice Day and Beyond

The real reason we rally to our flag and put on its uniform and serve its cause.   ...read more.

Pop Ferguson Blues Heritage Festival V

"Pop" Ferguson has been playing blues for 75 years. Acknowledged by the Smithsonian Institution as one of the last traditional blues artists...   ...read more.

The Two-minute Audition

"Thank God," he said, rolling his eyes. "If I never hear another singer...." ...read more.

Blitz Monopoly and More

Captured before a live audience ... well, to start with. ...read more.

World Artist Mosaic

Probably the toughest gig of my career... ...read more.

Stuart Va Political Rally (or something like that)

Sept 10, 2010 10 AM I've been invited to Stuart Va to tell stories amid good bluegrass, including veteran pickers Pete and Kathi Goard.   ...read more.

“Go Tell It on the Mountain”

[Late Posting] Fri-Sun, Aug 19-21. 7pm, $10. Bring a lawn chair, something to drink and some bug spray. (Sorry, but storyteller spray is not yet commercially available. But bring your own eggs and tomatoes to pelt that Garnett fellow. ...read more.

Pilot Mountain (NC) Women’s Club

These ladies can cook!   ...read more.

“Leave It Out”

April 30, 2010: Lew played the lead role in writer Tony Lindsay's play "Leave It Out," a finalist in the Text to Stage ten-minute play competition sponsored by Winston-Salem Writers. ...read more.