Double Date, Double Trouble

A lovers’ moon hung low and stars shimmered between the Appalachian crests. But for us, the ambience was wasted.

While I don’t believe any of us three (yes, three!) suffered permanent impairment, some intense social scrapes endured at 15 do tend to linger. And first car dates can be brutal, especially when configured like this one.

Some thirty years later, when asked what she remembered, my friend Peggy quipped, “Really, Lewis, I’ve tried to forget.”

This account of our tepid love triangle first appeared in my column for Smoky Mountain News, but has reared its head twice on the NPR affiliate (WFDD) in Winston-Salem NC and has again stumbled into print, this time inside the back cover of Smoky Mountain Living: (move slider to far right).

I sincerely hope your experience was less painful.

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