“First Car” on NPR

Air dates: April 11 and 15, 2011 on NPR affiliate WFDD during breaks in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Lew transforms two tons of scrap metal, one homicidal pony and a trunkload of genuine junkyard parts into a nostalgic gemstone.

My pal Charlie and I had been prowling the used car lots, mostly because we were bored, but partly looking for something both cheap and driveable.

This one was mostly cheap.

Only 14 years old, it was a sleek four-door in blue and white and rust, straddling a sizeable oil slick on a gravel sales lot, and the car’s inability to move under its own power was, we trusted, only a temporary condition.

The full-length (unedited) version is available in MP3 download or with nine additional stories on Lew’s album Defining Moments. To purchase, see Mercantile.

Photo with mother and car as Lew leaves for college, Sept. 1969.

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