For Fun and For a Living

The Really Fun

Columns and Features

  • The Smoky Mountain News, Waynesville NC.
    Biweekly column of humor and opinion. Two years, with occasional contributions to date.
  • Smoky Mountain Living, Waynesville NC.
    Feature stories every time I’m lucky enough to get “the call.”
  • Super Driver, Nashville Tenn.
    Monthly safety articles for long-haul truckers (audio tape format). Two years.
  • “Bering Strait,” Greensboro (NC) News and Record, April 6, 2004.
  • Review of Russian bluegrass band Bering Strait in concert with Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra, promoting appearance in Greensboro.
  • ”The Other Side of the Altar: Adventures of a New Husband”
    Humorous personal newsletter, May 1991, March 1992.
  • The Bus Operator, Nashville Tenn.
    Motorcoach business profiles, product reviews and general interest articles, 1987 – 1989.
  • The Nashville Scene, Nashville Tenn.
    Music business personalities and music reviews, 1987.

Creative Nonfiction

  • “Feet” (novella), The Belmont Literary Journal, Spring 1987.
    Tale of a young boy’s mysterious leg pains. Set in Marion Va. and features Norfolk and Western Railroad’s famous J Class steam locomotive.

The Mostly Fun


  • Press releases and radio spots. Promote public awareness of improvements in child protective services. Haywood County Dept. of Social Services, 1998 – 2000.
  • For national distributation: Music artist biography updates and rewrites, press releases and related material. CBS Records, 1986.


  • Families for Kids: NC statewide program initiative
    Co-led steering committee for monthly training of program specialists and statistical analysts in child protective services. Presented on variety of topics, Nov. 1998 – June 2001.
  • “Proline Drivers’ Handbook,” Proline Carriers, Inc., Oct. 1994. Orientation and reference for long-haul truck drivers.
  • “Rehabilitation Marketing,” Tenn. Div. of Vocational Rehabilitation, May 1984. 12-hour program, given five times. Orientation to radically new strategy, applying marketing techniques to vocational guidance and job placement.
  • “The First (and Probably Last) Counselors’ Guide to Big Game Capture,” Tenn. Div. of Vocational Rehabilitation, Sept. 1983. Humorous approach to otherwise dry purchasing procedures.
  • “An MH/MR Caseworker’s Guide to the Texas Rehabilitation Commission,” Sept. 1977. Orientation to vocational rehabilitation for mental health caseworkers. Received Commissioner’s Letter of Commendation; guide distributed statewide.

The Tedious

End-user System Documentation

  • Hospital Corporation of America, 1987-1994.
    Accounting and financial systems.

    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Budgeting
    • Employee Benefits
    • Patient Accounting
    • Master Files
    • Online Security
    • Payroll: Award of Achievement, Society for Technical Communication
    • Quantitative Information Exchange
    • Quantitative Management Information
  • Wachovia Bank, 2004.
    Online, in-house reference documentation for customer call center.

The Rest

Research and Analysis

  • “Effectiveness of Community Assessment Teams,” Haywood County Dept. of Social Services, Jan. 2001. Analysis of novel intervention model in child protective services. Analyses of program performance and area demographics, 1999-2001. Ketner Award for Excellence, NC Assoc. of County Commissioners.
  • “Attitudes and Opinions About Serving on Social Work Teams in the Forsyth County NC Dept. of Social Services,” Jan. 2001. Independent assessment for managerial use. Courtesy evaluation by Haywood County Dept. of Social Services.
  • “Outcomes of Disability Determination Referrals to Tenn. Vocational Rehabilitation: Recommendations for Improving Referral Selection,” April 1985. Modified selection criteria to reduce nonproductive staff time. Improved positive outcomes 25%.
  • “Targeted Jobs Tax Credit Utilization and Opinion: A Study of Tennessee Vocational Rehabilitation,” August 1984. Employee survey with recommendations for program strategy and staff development.

Policy and Procedure

  • “Community Assessment Teams: A Model for Family Group Decision Making in Child Welfare.” Haywood County Dept. of Social Services. Protocol, Sept. 1999; update following research, Jan. 2001. Novel intevention model in child protective services. Ketner Award for Excellence, NC Association of County Commissioners.
  • “Minimum Standards of Care for Children,” Haywood County Dept. of Social Services, March 1999. County policies to implement state law.
  • “Employer Services,” Tenn. Div. of Rehabilitation Services, July 1984.
  • “Client Participation in Cost of Services,” Tenn. Div. of Rehabilitation Services, Nov. 1983.
  • “Purchasing Procedures,” Tenn. Div. of Rehabilitation Services, Oct. 1983.


  • “Proposed Rules of the Tenn. Dept. of Human Services, Div. of Services for the Blind,” May 1983. Legal document for public review and comment.
  • “Diabetes Mellitus,” Counselors’ Desk Reference, Texas Rehabilitation Commission, 1980 (contributing writer).

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