“Monopoly” on NPR

Air date: Oct. 11 and 15, 2010 on NPR affiliate WFDD during breaks in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Lew recounts his hilarious adventures with two childhood buddies within their “opium den of Parker Brothers board play,” carrying unexpected life lessons into adulthood.

The game overtook us, transforming three reasonably civilized 12-year-olds into maniacal, raving cutthroats. No mercy. Take no prisoners.

Game influenced, we committed acts of aggression, treachery and subterfuge otherwise unthinkable in our white bread, middle class families. And these things we did in such a frenzy of movement and laughter that visitors to our homes thought we’d just escaped from a locked ward.

The full-length (unedited) version is available in MP3 download or with nine additional stories on Lew’s album Defining Moments. To purchase, see Mercantile.

Illustration by Philadelphia artist Mandy Newham.

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