World Artist Mosaic

Sun., Nov. 13: I emceed a show for World Artist Mosaic, a “moving arts collaborative” (you can decide what that means). I got up early, meditated, rode my bicycle, washed my truck [naw, just kidding] and showed up on time. Oh, and I got Renee to help me choose what to wear.

As emcee I greeted the crowd and told them to turn off their cell phones, then introduced more than 40 acts of exotic dancers. I printed my cue cards in really big letters so I could still read their names halfway through the show.

Dances from Turkey, Brazil, India, Egypt, Middle East, Poland, China and the Caribbean.

I still can’t stare too long at a blank surface or my cinematographic memory induces uncontrollable drooling and an occasional howl.

Yes, I bought the video.

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