“Mr. B’s Olympic Games” on NPR

Air date: Dec. 6 and 10, 2009 on NPR affiliate WFDD during breaks in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

During a bout of sinusitis, Lew discovers how a little friendly competition changes a gentle “wiener dog” friend into a fierce competitor.

In normal times Mr. B. slept on his pillow by the warm air vent. But when I moved to the sofa, he combined his penchant for snuggly places with several father-and-son Olympic events he invented.

The two-minute warning sounded from the bathroom as I brushed my teeth. He’d hop down from his napping perch on the love seat and trot to the end of the hall.

But the moment I reached into the closet and pulled out the comforter, he dashed off on the opening event…

The full-length (unedited) version is available in MP3 download or with nine additional stories on Lew’s album Defining Moments. To purchase, see Mercantile.

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