Pilot Mtn. (NC) Women’s Club

Despite their size, the Pilot Mountain Women’s Club sports an impressive laundry list of community services. Here are only three for 2010:

Pilot Mountain NC Women’s Club sports quite a laundry list of impressive community services. Here are only three for 2010:

  • Sent 300 pairs of sandals to Haiti.
    That’s the way to do it! Send a whole lot of one useful item in various sizes to make distribution simple and effective.
  • Purchased pediatric emergency response bags for Surry, Stokes and Yadkin County Ambulance Services.
    Small equipment for small patients, such as defibrillation paddles for infants.
  • Performed 1700 volunteer hours in 2009-2010.

And my favorite: While not actually a community service, they hosted several of us storytellers in October 2011 with homemade goodies.

For more information, see Lew Live.

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