Would You Buy a Used Typewriter From This Guy?

Achievements I Consider Worthwhile:

  • Not getting sent to Viet Nam.
  • Black Belt, Sanshinki Karate (at age 57).


  • Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training Academy. Summa Cum Laude. … Okay, it was a small class. But this is the only diploma I ever bothered to frame.
  • BS in Social Work, Music Minor. East Tennessee State University.
  • BS in Journalism. Belmont University.
  • MBA. Wake Forest University.

Meanderings Through Employment

  • Disability Management (Vocational Rehabilitation): 12 yrs.
    • Tennessee and Texas
  • Program Research and Analysis: 3 yrs.
    • Child Protective Services, Waynesville NC
  • Long-haul Trucker: 12 yrs.
    • 7,000-word tale of getting lost in New York City
    • Immortalized in “The Ballad of the Three-Piece Suit” (ASCAP: D. Sherrill, L. Silver, R. Smith)
  • Back-of-the-Envelope Cyphering and Advice
    • Book publishing and marketing
    • Manuscript editing and writerly guidance
  • Writer: How old am I?
    • Technical Writer
    • Columnist
    • Journalist
    • Adjunct to every job I ever had
  • Storyteller: Wherever folk will listen, preferably with gusto and laughter.

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