Tim Buppert: Studio Musician, Songwriter

Tim Buppert has one of those Nashville voices that screams Country, but with such a natural smoothness that his — or anyone’s — lyrics are simply cuddled into life.

His backup vocals appear on albums by such artists as Trisha Yearwood, Michael Peterson and Paul Brandt.

His songs have been recorded by Yearwood, The Wiggins, Continental Divide, Marty Haden, Yankee Grey (hit single “Another Nine Minutes”) and Kevin Sharp (#1 single “She’s Sure Taking It Well”), just for starters.

And for my money, anyone who lists influences as diverse as The Eagles, Dan Fogelberg and Roger Miller deserves a few inches on my CD rack.

Be sure to check out his songs on the link above. My personal favorites include “She’s Sure Taking It Well,” “When Yesterday Gets in the Way” and “Whisper on the Wind,” all of which I first heard live at one of his many appearances at Balsam Mountain Inn‘s Songwriters Night.

But don’t take my word for it. Google his name and start reading. He’s busy, in demand and very, very good.

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